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Austerity Protest in Lisbon, Portugal

Austerity Unravelled?

Since the start of the economic crisis, the debate over debt and deficits has featured prominently in the political discourse of the United States and Europe. Supporters of the austerity movement, such as Paul Ryan in the U.S. and Angela Merkel in Germany, frequently cited the famous Reinhart-Rogoff “Growth in a Time of Debt” paper […]

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Drowning in Export Regulation

If the Afghan economy is going to succeed in the coming years it will be due to its exports. The country is too poor to engage in consumption led growth and capital markets are virtually non-existent, preventing potential domestic investment. The real hope for Afghanistan lies in cross border trade.

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Asia-Pacific: Headed Towards Conflict?

Relations within the Asia-Pacific region grew tense during 2012, marked by a number of incidents. The escalation of the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands dispute between China, Taiwan, and Japan provoked a wave of demonstrations across China. Territorial rows in the South China Sea shook the ASEAN-China relationship, with no progress made on the “Declaration on the Conduct […]

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Dilemmas and Challenges for Singapore’s Security

What Globalisation, Changing Social Needs and a Deteriorating Security Climate mean for the Lion City It is a well-known fact that Singapore, a tiny city-state in the heart of Asia, has always placed a premium on its security. The Lion City is a highly militarized country that dedicates huge resources to its defence establishment, making […]

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Invest in Africa

Is Africa the New Eldorado for Capital Investors?

In an economic context of recession in Europe, where countries like Cyprus struggle with debt and austerity, and where the United States is finding it hard to reach 2% of growth, still fighting to get out of the remnants of the 2008 financial crisis, capital investors are looking for new places to invest. For a […]

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Risky Business: Great Power or Greater Responsibility in Myanmar’s Gold Rush?

In the past year Myanmar has moved to the center of the frontier markets’ map for investors keen on a “first mover advantage”. However, increasingly lost amidst the hype is the recognition that with “first mover advantage” comes “first mover risk.”

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Myanmar harbor

Myanmar Foreign Investment Law Should Inspire U.S. Policy

On March 6, the Myanmar Parliament agreed to remove the last major obstacle to foreign investment in the country by signing the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, also known as the New York Convention. With this convention in place, Myanmar agrees to follow the internationally accepted system of arbitration; essentially […]

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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

How Protectionist Will the Upcoming EU-US Trade Agreement Be?

“Everything is on the table, […] we should be ambitious”, emphasized Ron Kirk, the United States trade representative about the launch of the formal negotiations on the US-EU trade agreement project last February – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). In November 2011 the world’s largest economies had established the US-EU High Level working […]

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Educational Détente in the UK toward Latin America

The United Kingdom’s attempts to charm Latin American trade relationships is hampered by its rigid visa restrictions that alienate foreign students who are key to longer-term investments and much needed short-term economic push. In March 2013, UK MP and chairman of the Home Affairs Committee, Keith Vaz, warned party leaders to avoid a quid pro quo […]

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Ecuador Continues to Roar

Nicknamed ‘the jaguar of Latin America’, Ecuador continues to live up to its worthy title despite global economic slowdown that has affected much of its neighbouring states over the past five years. The unemployment rate has dropped from 9.82 to 4.71 per cent since 2007, and public investment has been on a steady increase, topping […]

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