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Chinese economic slowdown

Chinese Economic Slowdown Reverberates Globally

For three decades the world witnessed China’s super-charged economic growth rate triple its GDP. Numerous industries and states worldwide benefited as a result, particularly as the health of the world economy was threatened by financial crisis beginning in 2008. Countries in both the East and the West were boosted by China, as prices of raw […]

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immigration reform

Immigration Reform Will Produce Economic Benefits

As the U.S. Senate debates immigration reform, much of the public discourse has concerned the economic implications of such a sweeping new law. While moral and cultural issues are important considerations, the economic impact of immigration reform is significant and the public focus on this issue is warranted. However, the debate has been skewed by […]

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Taliban insurgents with national security forces

Legitimising Taliban Rule in Afghanistan

Afghanistan rarely enters the news cycle these days. However, for those privy and indeed willing to locate news outside the omnipresent U.S. market, an interesting story is developing in Doha, Qatar. On June 18th the Taliban – Afghanistan’s ousted political leadership – opened a political office in Doha, Qatar. The launch of this office coincided […]

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Vladimir Putin

Russia in 2020 Could Spell ‘Game Over’ for Putin

Guest blogger Christopher Jackson looks at the long-term implications of Russia’s weakening oil industry and growing domestic instability. Since 1990, Russia has experienced something of an escalator ride in the nation’s fortunes. The Russian economy has bounced back from near bankruptcy since the beginning of the Putin years, largely on the back of a vast […]

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US Navy in Gulf of Aden

West African Piracy Is On the Rise

The word “piracy” has in recent years evoked two images in the average Westerner’s mind: that of Johnny Depp as a swashbuckling Caribbean rogue in the Disney franchise, and the far less romantic Somali pirates that have haunted shipping lanes around the Gulf of Aden, hijacking commercial vessels and demanding astronomical ransoms for the return […]

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Rustam Ibragimbekov

Azerbaijani Opposition Coalition Seeks Western Assistance

Last week, the European Parliament condemned Azerbaijan’s continued detention of opposition member Ilgar Mammadov, while current opposition leader Rustam Ibragimbekov traveled to Washington DC to seek support from the US Department of State. Ibragimbekov requested that the State Department support initiatives, largely created by the Azerbaijani opposition, to ensure free and fair elections in Azerbaijan […]

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Protests in Brazil Signify Economic Slowdown

Protests have continued throughout Brazil in recent weeks, which may have important implications for the future of South Americas largest country. Primarily urban in nature, the protests have erupted throughout major cities with some estimating as many as 250,000 people having taken to the streets. The protests have been dubbed the Revolta de Salada, or […]

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Russian Mi-17 helicopter, Afghanistan

Russia Prepares for NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan

While most NATO troops are expected to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014, Russia worries about the subsequent consequences for the stability of the region. According to NATO officials, approximately 100,000 troops are stationed in Afghanistan today, and only 8,000 to 12,000 are expected to stay after 2014. However, although the NATO mission is […]

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Kashmir silk

Kashmir’s Silk Industry Struggles

Despite recent attempts to revive Kashmir’s silk production, the centuries old industry is slowly dying. Kashmir sericulture, or silkworm farming, is a casualty of changing regulations, regional political tensions and competition with China. Unless Kashmiri silk factories can find a way to produce as cheaply and efficiently as their East Asian competitors, sericulture will lose […]

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Qatar desert

Qatar Pursues Water and Food Security

The 2013 Arab Competitiveness Report produced by the World Economic Forum ranked Qatar as the most competitive Arab nation and the 11th most competitive country in the world. This listing is due not only to the gulf state’s substantial oil and natural gas reserves, but also to its forward looking vision. Thanks to its considerable […]

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