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President and Prime Minister of Nepal

Party Corruption Plagues Nepal

According to the UK-based global anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI), Nepal’s political parties rank among the most corrupt in the world.  TI’s ‘Global Corruption Barometer’, published earlier last week, based its results on a series of interviews conducted with 114,270 people in 107 countries. Seventy percent of the total respondents surveyed in all the 58 municipalities in […]

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Japan’s Reform Opportunity Jeopardised by Militarism

The Election  Japan’s ruling Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) won an impressive electoral victory on July 22nd, earning a decisive majority in the upper house of the Japanese Diet. Of the 121 seats up for election, the LDP secured 65, while its coalition partner, New Komeito, added 11 more. Together, the coalition now controls 135 spots […]

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Rwanda Investment courtesy of Luca Winer

Rwanda is Now Ripe for Investment

Guest analyst Luca Winer profiles Rwanda’s current investment opportunities and looks at the ongoing challenges that could derail its economic growth prospects. Rwanda is landlocked, has few natural resources and is geographically small. The country is also still inextricably linked in many people’s minds with the genocide in 1994. At first glimpse, Rwanda is not […]

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KFC in Indonesia

In Spite of Challenges, Indonesia is Booming

“Indonesia is the least-unattractive country in the world” -M. Chatib Basri, chairman of the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board Things are going pretty well for Indonesia. Since surfacing virtually unscathed from the 2008 financial storm, the country has proceeded to join the G20 large economies (2009), won its first investment-grade credit ratings for over a decade […]

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Anti immigration in Singapore

Chinese Xenophobia in Singapore Rises, Part 2

As explained in the first post of this two-part series, people who live in different environments may still be able to identify and relate to each other as members of part of a culture. Even if the Chinese community in Singapore perceives itself first to be members of the Singaporean dominant culture, then a Chinese […]

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Singapore National Day, taken by Seah Kwang Peng

Chinese Xenophobia in Singapore Rises, Part 1

This two-part post will explain the apparent contradictions that arise from the particular form of xenophobia in Singapore, beginning with a broad look at the Chinese and Singaporean identities. In his 2012 National Day Rally Speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore called for Singaporeans to be more caring towards foreign residents living in […]

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“Trident Alternatives Review” Complicates Defence Investment Prospects

On July 13th HM Government released a report, the “Trident Alternatives Review”, assessing the future of Britain’s nuclear deterrent. While the “concept phase” for a replacement for Trident, the current British programme for development, procurement and operation of nuclear weapons, has been ongoing since 2007, disagreements within the coalition government have led to a delay of the final […]

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Honduran Gang Members

Honduran Gangs Overrun the World’s Most Murderous City

San Pedro Sula is the second largest city in Honduras and the country’s hub for industry. It also happens to have the highest murder rate in the entire world. In recent years, Honduras, the least developed country in Central America, has become a breeding ground for gang culture, extortion, narcotics trafficking and murder. According to the […]

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Chinese Ministers at the White House

G2 Summit Reveals Chinese Commitment to Economic Reform

An annual political show took place this July in Washington D.C. The phrase ‘G2’ has hardly any legitimate use today apart from describing this two-day summit between China and the US. The time commitment made by high officials from both states seemed justified by the long list of agreements and promises on strategic and economic […]

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Summit of South American and Arab Countries

Rising Trade and FDI Between Arab World and Latin America

The airspace between South America and the Arab world is getting a lot busier. A number of carriers have recently added routes between Middle Eastern hubs and cities on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Emirates Airlines offers direct flights from Dubai to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires. Qatar Airlines and […]

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