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Alenka Bratusek and Angela Merkel

Slovenia is Still Standing in Line for a Bailout

Should Slovenia fail to stabilise its economy in the upcoming weeks it will probably be forced to ask for a bailout from the European Union, the Governor of the Bank of Slovenia and Slovenian representative in the European Central Bank Bostjan Jazbec revealed in an interview for the Slovenian newspaper Delo. Once the economic champion […]

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Arctic Circle

China Moves on Arctic Resource Potential

This year, the Arctic Council admitted six new nations as observers: China, Japan, India, Singapore, South Korea and Italy. The Council has become more important as warmer waters open the potential for trade and resource extraction around the North Pole. Climate change has highlighted the complex dynamic of economic competition and tangled sovereignty within the […]

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Was Brzezinski Right about Russia?

Zbigniew Brzezinski may have seen the writing on the wall. Fifteen years after the publication of The Grand Chessboard, Eastern Europe may see a stronger, resurgent Russia in the region’s future. While the world focuses on the ongoing crisis in Syria and Russia’s role in it, Moscow is also quietly pressing its claims on former Soviet […]

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Record Oil Outputs in Saudi Fail to Ease Shortage Anxiety

Saudi Arabia, along with OPEC neighbors Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, exported a record high of crude oil this August. Despite pumping out 10.2 million barrels per day, the fastest rate in 32 years, Saudi Arabia was unable to offset OPEC’s 0.8 percent decrease in oil production, attributed largely to instability in Libya and […]

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China housing

Is China’s Housing Bubble About to Burst?

In the past few months, the debate surrounding China’s property bubble has become increasingly controversial. Many fear that the property bubble is about to burst, and some argue that this process has already begun. Further adding to the debate, house prices in China reached a record high this August, in a property market that was […]

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Can Scotland and Catalonia Afford Independence?

Scotland will hold a referendum in 2014 to allow its people to choose whether they wish to stay in the United Kingdom or become an independent nation. If the majority of Scotland were to vote yes, a complex set of negotiations with the UK on the single market and other issues such as defense would […]

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Is Hydropower the Key to Georgia’s Economic Future?

In May, India’s Tata Power agreed to invest in two hydroelectric projects in Georgia, which could be a big boost to the country’s export potential and regional standing as a power provider. Together with Norway’s Clean Energy Invest and IFC Infra Ventures, the three partners will invest about $700 million in the two projects to […]

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Lithuania Pursues Energy Independence after Russian Threats

The Russian Federation has been in the headlines as of late for its active role in the mediation of the Syrian conflict. Rightfully so. But there is also a European front in Russia’s recent foreign and strategic policy offensive. Military, political and economic tensions have come to a head in recent months, particularly between Russia […]

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European Central Bank

Europe’s Leaders Far Away from Banking Union

On September 12th, the European Parliament adopted legislation, which will allow the European Central Bank (ECB) to take on new bank supervision tasks as part of the single supervisory mechanism. This initial step towards building a banking union in Europe has been a deeply political exercise. Other steps that political leaders have to take to […]

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Ben Bernanke

Is India Saved by the Federal Bell?

The U.S. Federal Reserve shocked the market on 18 September 2013. Ben Bernanke said the Fed would postpone tapering its USD 85 billion per month bond buying program possibly until next year. Sluggish growth forecasts, low inflation, persistent unemployment and fiscal fights are the main rationales behind the decision. The Fed is also likely to […]

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