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Venezuela’s President Maduro focuses on elections, not economy

President Nicolas Maduro has gained special powers to fight Venezuela’s economic woes. However, things are unlikely to improve under the tense political atmosphere. On November 19th, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gained special powers that will enable him to rule by decree for 12 months without the need to consult Congress. The special law that gives […]

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Bulgaria protest

Anti-corruption protests continue in Bulgaria

For the past six months, tens of thousands of Bulgarians have taken to the streets of Sofia to call for a radical fight against corruption, organised crime and local oligarchy. The “Bulgarian Spring” Corruption in Bulgaria is endemic, affecting the political, business and judicial spheres at large. In addition to being the European Union’s poorest nation, […]

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Trade agreement delayed as US auto makers push for currency clause

As the year’s end deadline for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal nears, US lawmakers press to include a provision on currency manipulation – in part to support US automakers. Including Japan into the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal has brought the issue of currency manipulation back into the discussion, raising significant concerns among US lawmakers. […]

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Windmills ocean

Cutting green taxes won’t fix the UK’s energy cost problems

Some of the UK’s green taxes are likely to be cut soon, but renewable energy may be the surprising beneficiary of the move. After two months of formulating a response to the Labour Party’s popular proposal to freeze energy prices for twenty months, a consensus is forming within the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition to cut some […]

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Op-Ed: Iran is driving the bus, so why is the West celebrating?

This article by Daniel Wagner first appeared in the Huffington Post and is reposted with their permission. Daniel Wagner is CEO of Country Risk Solutions, a cross-border risk advisory firm, and author of the book “Managing Country Risk.” Supreme Iranian leader Khamenei spent much of last week lambasting the U.S. and Israel, as the Iranian negotiating team worked […]

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Opium poppy cultivation blocks Afghan development

Opium cultivation continues to flourish in Afghanistan, jeopardizing stability, development and health. The UN reported record high opium cultivation in Afghanistan this year, according to a survey released by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. This brings production to 5,500 tons, an increase of nearly 50% since 2012. Out of a total of 34 […]

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Finland flags

Can Finland control its national debt?

Finland’s debt-to-GDP ratio has risen while growth has remained sluggish, leaving Finland’s government with some important choices ahead. So far, the government has taken concrete steps in the right direction, sparking hope among the population. Slowly but surely, more and more people are beginning to talk about the Eurozone in optimistic tones. ‘Problem countries’ such […]

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Abdelaziz Bouteflika

Algeria’s President Bouteflika is here to stay

Despite poor health, Algerian President Bouteflika has announced his candidacy for next year’s presidential election, potentially his third term in office. Economic conditions and regional stability are thus unlikely to improve in the short term. In September 2013, Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika made his first major political manoeuvre since his bout of ill health earlier […]

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Canary Wharf

Corporate risk management still lags behind

The good news is strategic risk management is beginning to gain traction. The bad news is practitioners still think traditionally. A survey released recently by Deloitte and Forbes Insight, celebrates the fact that corporations around the world “have changed their approach to strategic risk management over the past three years.” It goes on, “companies are […]

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Oil platform P-51 Brazil

Despite reform, Brazil and Mexico lack energy investments

Latin America is endowed with significant oil and natural gas reserves, which until recently offered little opportunity for private investment. However, new reforms and the expansion of the renewable energy sector promise new investment opportunities. The International Energy Agency (IEA) report, released last week, features Brazil as both a world leader in renewable energy and soon […]

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