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Source: VOA News

Iran is open for business and Switzerland leads the way

As Switzerland lifts its economic sanctions against Iran, Swiss companies lead the way in exploiting new opportunities. But the waters between Iran’s new openness and the West’s suspicions are tricky to navigate. Iran is trying its best to get western energy companies to re-enter its oil and gas sector. President Hassan Rouhani declared in January at […]

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Foreign investment in Equatorial Guinea resilient despite corruption

Equatorial Guinea has rich energy reserves, and despite corruption and political instability foreign investment has continued. Proposed plans to diversify the economy could create new investment opportunities. A recent indictment of the president’s eldest son on money laundering charges brings renewed focus to Equatorial Guinea. Despite political repression and a lack of judicial independence, investors still seem to be […]

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Finland flags

Finland’s economy suffers from effects of the Ukraine crisis

The situation in Ukraine is creating a dangerous standoff between Russia and the West, and Finland’s economy and security are suffering as a result. With a 1,300-km long border separating them, it is no surprise that a major priority for Finland is to maintain a sustainable relationship with Russia. At the same time, it is […]

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mexico energy oil pump

The future of oil exporters in Latin America

Mexico has liberalized its oil sector and Venezuela tries to survive a wave of violent protests. What does the future of oil look like in Latin America? The politics of oil in the two largest Latin American oil exporters—Venezuela and Mexico—have recently diverged. While Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) is now politically closer to the […]

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Source: Reuters

Taking Crimea may throw Russia into recession

Russian leaders may celebrate annexing Crimea, but it will cost the Russian economy. Already weak, this latest move threatens to send the country into recession. Following the successful referendum on Crimean independence and the Russian Duma allowing Crimea and Sevastopol to become part of the Russian Federation, the Kremlin celebrated on Friday evening with a fireworks display. Yet, the […]

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Source: World Trade Organization via Flickr

India holds the key to a post-Bali world trade agenda

India, a key player in earlier multilateral trade negotiations, including during the latest talks in Bali, will play an even more vital role in future WTO developments. However, Delhi is not likely to change its protectionist stance. For a country that was once one of the most closed economies in the world, India boasts a strong […]

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Colombia’s pro-business election results could attract foreign investment

The election of the Democratic Center party into the Colombian Senate and Chamber of Representatives shifts the national political discussion to the right and strengthens the bargaining position of capital and business interests. Colombia’s new legislative makeup provides very favorable political conditions for foreign investment. The recent legislative elections in Colombia focused almost exclusively on […]

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General Motors

GM’s risk management failures provide lessons for other firms

Strategic fails afford valuable lessons. There is something to be learned from the spectacular recent failure of General Motors’ once highly-touted enterprise risk management program. In 2012, G. Mustafa Mohatarem, the Chief Economist at General Motors, in praise of his firm’s implementation of a new Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program, commented on lessons learned by […]

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oil pump Russia

Lack of energy sector reform holds back Russian economy

Russia remains a leading worldwide energy exporter, but its energy sector remains a laggard in desperate need of modernization. Governmental corruption and a restricted domestic market both stand in the way of infrastructure improvement. Global attention on Russia’s actions toward Ukraine has pulled the dynamics of Russia’s economy into the spotlight. Much of the talk […]

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China Kazakhstan pipeline

Chinese energy investments drive Moscow’s interests in Central Asia

With Russia’s economy in crisis and Central Asia coming in focus of Chinese energy strategy, the region is experiencing a long-term geopolitical shift. Central Asian (CA) states, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, have been part of the Russian interest sphere since the mid-19th century, first as part of Russian empire and later as the […]

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