About GRI

Red tape, revolution, conflict, cronyism – all of these make doing business in the global arena a challenge for even the best prepared companies. The world’s rapidly changing political environment poses significant obstacles, but also great opportunities for today’s business community. Understanding the nexus between economics and politics has never been more important.

Global Risk Insights provides the web’s best political risk analysis for businesses and investors. Our contributors are some of the brightest minds in economics, politics, finance, and international relations. Our goal is to help individuals and corporations analyze and understand the politics of doing business so that they can make better informed decisions about their economic activities in every corner of the world.

GRI has been referenced by leading publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker and Christian Science Monitor. Our articles have appeared on BusinessInsider.com, Oilprice.com and in Bonds and Loans, a prominent debt sector newsletter. GRI analysts have been featured speakers at global energy conferences, Reuters Trading Africa forums and the London School of Economics Political Risk Society. We also produce custom reports, including one for the Kuwaiti Delegation to the 2014 Davos World Economic Forum and the Kuwaiti Minister of Finance.

What Is Political Risk?
Political decisions, actions, and events can have a dramatic effect on business and economic activities. Political risk analysis examines local, national, and international politics to determine their impact for corporations and investors. Risk factors range from violent uprisings to changes in government to new laws and regulations.

Why Is Political Risk Important?
Political risk is a critical factor in nearly every business or investment decision.  Political events can dramatically change an economic climate overnight. Without proper knowledge of the political dynamics in a given locale, companies leave themselves at serious risk.

How Can GRI Help?
Our team of political risk analysts provide critical insight into developments around the world. Through rigorous research, in-depth analysis, and objective reporting we are able to cast light on the political events companies and investors need to know about.

Who Are Our Analysts?
Our analysts come from around the world, meaning they often have intimate local knowledge on the topics they write about. We recruit from the world’s top graduate programs and employers with the goal of achieving a well-rounded team with expertise in a variety of regions and issue areas.

How Can I Write for GRI?
GRI is always looking for qualified analysts in a variety of areas. Interested individuals should submit a resume and English language writing sample to recruitment@globalriskinsights.com.

How Can I Contact you?
Any questions, comments or enquiries can be directed to admin@globalriskinsights.com.


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