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Opinion: 4 reasons why digital regulation is difficult

The US Supreme Court’s recent ruling against Aereo, an online television broadcaster, showed how much governments continue to struggle with regulating the internet.  When the US Supreme Court struck a major blow to the business model of Aereo, the over-the-internet television broadcaster that catered to cord-cutting millennials, the tech industry was outraged. Silicon Valley alumni like Professor […]

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How will the Fed normalize monetary policy post-taper?

As the Federal Reserve continues to reduce the pace of asset purchases, attention has turned to the impending rise in interest rates. But to control short-term rates, the Fed will need to rely on new tools. Ever since the Federal Reserve pushed interest rates down to effectively zero, the central bank has relied on large-scale […]

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US corporate tax backlash keeps OECD at arm’s length

OECD efforts to develop international rules for corporate tax avoidance are necessary, if not overdue. The US, however, is playing politics, in spite of its own pressure on foreign governments to comply with FATCA. Transfer pricing, which deals with the methods corporations use to shift profits to lower-tax jurisdictions, is no longer the humdrum domain […]

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US Decline Series: 3 cities prove US isn’t losing its edge

The age-old debate over the United States in decline deserves a look at the continued strength and rise of US cities. Here we look at three cities that deny the popular argument. Since the end of World War II, shifts in economic power and global politics have caused the world to brace for the inevitable […]

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Liquefied Natural Gas

Midterm elections haunt fracking in Pennsylvania

The political momentum is turning the tide against development of the Marcellus Shale in the Keystone state. Pennsylvanian Governor Tom Corbett is facing a tough reelection in the November midterms. The Washington Post indicated that Governor Corbett is most likely to lose in the gubernatorial race this coming fall. Tom Wolf, a businessman from the […]

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US Decline Series: Financial sector health makes US a sound investment

The US regulatory response to the crisis has resulted in a stronger market and equipped the US to deal with future crises. This GRI series challenges the myth of the American decline. Despite being half a decade removed from the global financial crisis, concerns remain about the health of financial systems in advanced countries. A closer […]

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oil drilling

US Decline Series: Shale transforms the US into a global energy giant

Technological innovations and a positive regulatory framework are transforming the United States into a major energy player that is beginning to change the global energy outlook. This GRI series challenges the myth of the American decline. The US energy boom is not a coincidence. Rather, it is the product of three decades of systematic efforts to […]

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Why a GOP takeover of the US Senate will not cause political deadlock

Republican control of the Senate, which would make Senator Mitch McConnell the new Majority Leader, may have practical policy impacts, some of which will be of great interest to global investors. Although the U.S. midterm elections remain six months away, oddsmakers are increasingly predicting the Grand Old Party (GOP) will assume majority control over the Senate […]

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Amazon fulfillment center

Billions at stake for U.S. retailers in online sales tax debate

Lobbying efforts by brick-and-mortar stores to charge online sales tax could be a big blow to the e-retailer Amazon. One of the key advantages of’s business model is being slowly stripped away. New research by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) shows that it could cost Amazon 10% of its sales. Amazon has […]

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Debunking US unemployment numbers

Do not mistake a rosy Bureau of Labor Statistics report for something that it is not. The unemployment rate did decrease in April, but only because 800,000 people exited the labour force. When unemployment numbers were released on May 2nd, spring seemed a little sweeter for US policy makers. The unemployment rate declined by 0.4 percent […]

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