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ISIL in Iraq Series: What the ISIL crisis means for India

India has strengthened its alliance with Iraq over the past year, primarily due to energy dependence. The ISIL crisis in Iraq could have repercussions for India’s energy policy as well as its foreign policy dealings with the Middle East. When the BJP took charge in New Delhi, a fragile Iraq was beginning to face a […]

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Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)

ISIL in Iraq Series: What is in it for Iran?

ISIL’s recent territorial gains pose a significant threat to the security and stability of Iraq and its neighbors. For Iran, however, ISIL threatens to topple its most significant regional trading partner and economic lifeline. This article is part of a GRI series on ISIL, Iraq, and the Middle East. The vast territorial gains made by ISIL in […]

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FSA rebels Syria

ISIL in Iraq Series: New enemies challenge ISIL’s continued advance

ISIL has conquered substantial territory in past weeks, but also gained new enemies. The increased focus on and military contra against ISIL means that the group cannot continue for long. This article is part of a GRI series on ISIL, Iraq, and the Middle East. In the coming months, the gains made by The Islamic State […]

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ISIS militants; Source: AFP via

ISIL in Iraq Series: Iraq-Turkey economic ties survive ISIL

ISIL is proving to be not just a political threat to Iraq, but an economic one too. Nevertheless, Iraq-Turkey trade and investment prospects will not suffer as ruinous a decline as some fear. This article is part of a GRI series on ISIL, Iraq, and the Middle East. As the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) […]

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Why Iraq is not a new Vietnam

It was fashionable in 2007 to label the Iraq War as the next Vietnam. It was easy to draw parallels – weak local allies, a post-invasion quagmire, insurgency, inability to win the “hearts and minds” led pundits to declare the Iraq War as ‘Vietnam 2.0.’ With a major crisis unfolding in the past week, it […]

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Ukraine crisis forces US to keep military in Europe

The United States must work with a politically divided Europe to face down Russia. The Ukrainian crisis will force the US to keep a strong presence despite the wish to scale down and focus on its shift towards Asia. The US Army’s current presence in Europe is approximately 30,000 troops, mainly the 2nd Cavalry in […]

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U.S. military Pacific

US Decline Series: US shows long-term commitment to Asia-Pacific security

While rising tensions have provoked concern over the United States’ status as the region’s security guarantor, the Pacific Power is not going anywhere. This GRI series challenges the myth of the American decline. In May, a confrontation arose between China and Vietnam over the deployment of a Chinese naval rig in disputed waters. While this event […]

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First Lady Michelle Obama holding a sign with the hashtag "#bringbackourgirls"; Source: Michelle Obama, Office of the First Lady via Wikipedia

Despite repercussions, Boko Haram threat will persist

Rooted in poor governance, rampant unemployment and transnational links, Boko Haram may pay for its latest senseless act of predation. But its prospects, unfortunately, are bright. Boko Haram is known for its large-scale bombings and violent attacks across northern Nigeria and beyond, which often leave hundreds dead in their wake. But even by the group’s own brutal standards, […]

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Simferopol referendum Ukraine Russia

Crimea annexation comes with host of problems for Russia

Russia will bear the brunt of recently annexed Crimea’s long-term economic, financial and political problems. President Putin made a triumphant visit to Crimea on the 9th May, as the region held its first Victory Day commemorations since being annexed by Russia. Mr. Putin extolled Crimea’s “return to the motherland” before tens of thousands of people. […]

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Uamsho Zanzibar Tanzania

Zanzibar’s stability key to preserving Tanzanian Union

April 26th, 2014 marked 50 years of the Union between the Republic of Tanganyika and the People’s Republic of Zanzibar. With Zanzibar’s demands for independence growing stronger, there was real concern across the nation about the potential for unrest. However, no violence was recorded. A Record number of Tanzanians congregated in Dar Es Salaam’s Freedom […]

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