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Opinion: 4 reasons why digital regulation is difficult

The US Supreme Court’s recent ruling against Aereo, an online television broadcaster, showed how much governments continue to struggle with regulating the internet.  When the US Supreme Court struck a major blow to the business model of Aereo, the over-the-internet television broadcaster that catered to cord-cutting millennials, the tech industry was outraged. Silicon Valley alumni like Professor […]

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Technology joins the fight against poaching

Technology is bringing new options to combat poaching in Africa. Elephant poaching is on the rise, and the international demand for illegal ivory continues to grow. In China, the ivory trade is extremely profitable; a single elephant tusk weighing 6 pounds can go for $12,700. The business in China is undergoing a crackdown and has largely […]

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Volvo Concept Truck 2020; Source: Volvo Trucks via

Transport industries on the verge of dramatic change

The trend toward computerization promises to create enhanced efficiency in sectors such as the trucking industry and aviation. However, this shift also threatens to take away jobs. In most supermarkets in London, the check-outs are self-service machines, known by the nifty little acronym SACAT (Semi-Attended Customer Activated Terminal). Instructions on how to place the goods in […]

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fiber optic cable middle east

Broadband faces long last mile in Middle East and Africa

Big infrastructure projects are already in place to improve much of the Middle East and Africa’s expensive and slow Internet. For many countries, however, many issues lie ahead. Over the last five years, there has been a spate of new international subsea fiber-optic cable networks linking African and Middle Eastern coastal countries to the global […]

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China high speed rail

China plans multi-continent high-speed railway

China has announced plans to build a network of high-speed rail lines across several continents. Pollution, cost and safety concerns could be major obstacles to implementing the plan. In China’s latest efforts to demonstrate its technological advancement and ingenuity, the Chinese Academy of Engineering has announced a plan to build a high-speed railway that would take […]

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General Motors

GM’s risk management failures provide lessons for other firms

Strategic fails afford valuable lessons. There is something to be learned from the spectacular recent failure of General Motors’ once highly-touted enterprise risk management program. In 2012, G. Mustafa Mohatarem, the Chief Economist at General Motors, in praise of his firm’s implementation of a new Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program, commented on lessons learned by […]

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Startups Africa

African tech start-ups show potential but lack access to capital

Thanks to the success of its mobile phone market, Africa’s tech start-up scene has developed rapidly, with tremendous market potential. Nevertheless, lack of capital and high service costs could stand in the way of potential entrepreneurs. There has been a marked increase in investor interest in Africa’s technology sector and for good reason. The market is growing at […]

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High speed rail 2

UK’s High Speed Rail 2 unlikely to boost growth by itself

It has not been a good month for High Speed Rail 2 (HS-2). The proposed upgrade to transport infrastructure that would connect London to Birmingham with a high-speed line running up to 250 mph by 2026, later branching out to Leeds and Manchester by 2032-3, has proven to be one of the most disputed transport […]

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Al Jazeera America AJAM

Al Jazeera America Enters US Market: Will It Be Viable?

For many Americans, their first encounter with Al Jazeera was in 2001, when the network aired video recordings of Osama Bin Laden after the September 11 attacks. With no further context to inform their viewpoints, Americans associated the Qatari media giant with Islamic terrorism. On Tuesday last week, Al Jazeera America (AJAM) aired its first […]

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Jeff Bezos

Amazon Acquires Paper Following CIA Contract Dispute

At the end of July, news surfaced about a lawsuit Amazon had filed against the U.S. government. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company’s cloud computing division, had won a $600 million contract to build an intelligence community cloud system for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), only to have it suddenly withdrawn. This contract would […]

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