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Dubai shopping retail mall

Local retailers have edge in frontier markets

Growing retail markets in Africa and parts of the Middle East carry vast potential for retailers, if they can manage to break into them. In much of the developing world, demand for high-quality, typically western, consumer products has increased. In many African and Middle Eastern cities, malls that sell designer brands are thriving. But international […]

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Technology joins the fight against poaching

Technology is bringing new options to combat poaching in Africa. Elephant poaching is on the rise, and the international demand for illegal ivory continues to grow. In China, the ivory trade is extremely profitable; a single elephant tusk weighing 6 pounds can go for $12,700. The business in China is undergoing a crackdown and has largely […]

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fiber optic cable middle east

Broadband faces long last mile in Middle East and Africa

Big infrastructure projects are already in place to improve much of the Middle East and Africa’s expensive and slow Internet. For many countries, however, many issues lie ahead. Over the last five years, there has been a spate of new international subsea fiber-optic cable networks linking African and Middle Eastern coastal countries to the global […]

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Is South Sudan a game-changer in China’s foreign policy?

China’s active bid for South Sudan’s peace deal may mark a shift away from its traditional ‘non-interference’ foreign policy towards a more proactive role in global politics. Despite China’s unprecedented rise as an economic giant with global interests, its foreign policy has strictly upheld the principles of non-interference and peaceful coexistence for over 60 years. But […]

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Startups Africa

African tech start-ups show potential but lack access to capital

Thanks to the success of its mobile phone market, Africa’s tech start-up scene has developed rapidly, with tremendous market potential. Nevertheless, lack of capital and high service costs could stand in the way of potential entrepreneurs. There has been a marked increase in investor interest in Africa’s technology sector and for good reason. The market is growing at […]

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East African Community moves toward a single currency

The EAC signed a Monetary Union Protocol at the end of last year, putting it on track to introduce a single currency by 2024. The East African Community, made up of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi, signed an agreement on November 30, 2013 outlining a ten-year path toward the introduction of a single currency and unified […]

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Growing US security presence in Africa allows safer investments

Recent years have seen an increased US presence in Africa, a presence marked by its distinctly military component. Due to the economic rise of sub-Saharan Africa, but also due to geopolitical considerations and the threat of terrorist groups, this US ‘step towards Africa’ is a positive development for growing investment in the continent. Recent news […]

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girl in South Sudan

Growth impeded by obstacles to female traders in Africa, says report

A recent World Bank report finds that women make major, significant contributions to trade in most African countries, but face many obstacles when it comes to fully realizing the potential of their trade activities. Removing these barriers is critical to not only women’s empowerment and but also the continent’s success in fully taking advantage of its […]

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Liberia’s private sector shows promising signs

The Liberian economy shows great potential for growth in the private sector, but obstacles such as weak institutions and poor infrastructure stand in the way. Will the government take steps to solve these issues? Last week, Liberian Finance Minister Amara Konneh delivered a report on the state of the country’s economy. Konneh remarked that Liberia’s […]

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President Obama in Africa

Will Ghana be the next African regional hub?

As Nigeria fights the terrorism of Boko Haram and Côte d’Ivoire attempts to attain a lasting peace within its borders, the stability of historical West African regional hubs remains in question. In this context, Ghana is emerging as the new West African regional leader. Ghana’s economic and political situation is looking bright — and the […]

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