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Tobgay Bhutan (NY Times photo)

Bhutan’s economy rests hopes on new prime minister

In the years following Bhutan’s political reform, the country’s economy and infrastructure still lag behind. Heavily dependent on India for aid, Bhutan must attract more foreign investment and strengthen its private sector. After King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck implemented the final phases of his father’s political reforms, Bhutan became one of the global community’s newest […]

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USAID food aid

Missed opportunity to make US food aid more effective

The United States Congress looks set to approve a farm bill in the coming weeks that would pass on a chance to improve the way the US distributes aid. The US House of Representatives passed a farm bill last week, sending the comprehensive piece of agriculture legislation to the Senate after voting 251-166 in favor. […]

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girl in South Sudan

Growth impeded by obstacles to female traders in Africa, says report

A recent World Bank report finds that women make major, significant contributions to trade in most African countries, but face many obstacles when it comes to fully realizing the potential of their trade activities. Removing these barriers is critical to not only women’s empowerment and but also the continent’s success in fully taking advantage of its […]

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Shanghai pollution

4 reasons growth pains will replace growth gains in China

The recent trips by George Osborne and Boris Johnson to China to champion mutually beneficial investment have been given considerable media coverage in the UK. The main focus for much of this coverage has been on the various doors a stronger relationship with China will open. However, while China has plenty to offer, even after […]

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Mekong River commerce

Laos’ Mekong dam construction threatens food security

With a reported 60 million people dependent on the Mekong River’s ecological environment, the Lao government’s decision to build a new dam in the Don Sahong area is ringing alarm bells throughout Southeast Asia. Laos has announced plans to construct its second Mekong hydropower project in the Don Sahong area, backed by foreign business investment, with a start […]

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Ethiopia agriculture (photo: AgriFin)

Ethiopian economy grows with Chinese investment

Ethiopia’s growth rates surprise, as political and economic cooperation with China proves to be beneficial for both nations. However, some have voiced concerns about persistently high levels of Chinese investment in Ethiopia. China’s foreign direct investment (FDI) in Ethiopia reached $58.5 million in 2010, from practically zero in 2004, according to a World Bank Survey […]

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Invest in Africa

Ten African lions set to outrun Asia’s tigers

Rapidly growing African economies are the next frontier of booming growth and ripe for investment. Here are the ten most promising places to invest. When covering Africa, reports of poverty, violence, and disease still dominate the headlines of Western media. This outdated narrative obscures what global consulting companies and economic publications have reported for the […]

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Risky Business: Addressing Agricultural Supply Chains

A study published in 2011 by The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City stated: Strong global food demand and robust biofuels markets have strained the current production capabilities of global agriculture. The prospects of tight global supplies well into the future have spurred booming farm incomes. The Fed seems to think this is a case […]

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Syria agriculture

Syria’s Civil War Has Environmental Origins

In the middle of a bloody conflict, chemical weapons use and threats of Western intervention it is easy to forget that two years ago, as the Arab Spring swept through North Africa and the Middle East, Syria was considered by international security analysts to be a country unsusceptible to  the threat of internal unrest. By […]

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Qatar desert

Qatar Pursues Water and Food Security

The 2013 Arab Competitiveness Report produced by the World Economic Forum ranked Qatar as the most competitive Arab nation and the 11th most competitive country in the world. This listing is due not only to the gulf state’s substantial oil and natural gas reserves, but also to its forward looking vision. Thanks to its considerable […]

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