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Erdogan undermines Turkish Central Bank’s autonomy

On 30 April, the Governor of Turkey’s Central Bank, Erdem Basci, announced an interest rate cut in the near future, but specified neither number nor schedule. The announcement came a week after reaffirming the Bank’s stance that tight monetary policy would remain in effect going forward in order to maintain a stable currency and reduce inflationary risks. Turkey’s inflationary outlook has […]

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One year in, is the honeymoon over for Abenomics?

Shinzo Abe celebrated his first year as Japanese Prime Minister in December, which also marked one year with Abenomics. For many, this will be a dismal anniversary, as the latest figures are not particularly encouraging. However, the game is not over yet. On December 26th, Shinzo Abe celebrated his first anniversary as Japanese Prime Minister. […]

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Azerbaijan’s autocratic liability threatens long-term investment

In Azerbaijan, foreign investment opportunities and geopolitical considerations take precedence over international calls for political reform. The country represents a foreign investor’s dream: a one-stop shop for energy resources essentially controlled by the strongman dictator Ilham Aliev. For oil companies, in particular, the system is appealing. Aliev’s tight control on the political system allows companies […]

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Japan coast guard

Will South China Sea exacerbate Asia’s slowdown?

The global community has recently been confronted by a heavy cocktail of challenges, including the confirmation of chemical weapons use in Syria, the management of an Iranian charm offensive, and the shutdown of the United States federal government. Amidst these developments, the continued challenges of the world’s most dynamic region, Asia, have gone comparatively unnoticed. […]

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Raghuram Rajan - Reserve Bank of India

Asian Development Bank Predicts Slowdown in China and India

In a report released 2nd October, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) cut its growth forecasts for the region in both 2013 and 2014. Slow growth in China and India as well as a reevaluation of the timing of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s reduction in asset purchases contributed to the lower estimates. Compared to April, the […]

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Is Hydropower the Key to Georgia’s Economic Future?

In May, India’s Tata Power agreed to invest in two hydroelectric projects in Georgia, which could be a big boost to the country’s export potential and regional standing as a power provider. Together with Norway’s Clean Energy Invest and IFC Infra Ventures, the three partners will invest about $700 million in the two projects to […]

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renewable energy

Clean Energy Damages Europe’s Competitiveness

For years Europe has been at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, promoting and establishing global rules in this sector. There are signs however that this trend might change. The economic crisis has forced many European countries to reassess their clean energy policies, heavily reliant on substantial, and often irrational subsidies, that have started […]

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Haruhiko Kuroda

Japan’s Currency Devaluation Causes Concern

Japan has been in an economic funk since the 1990s. It was at that time that many speculated it would overtake the U.S. as the global economic superpower rather than China. However, a poorly regulated financial system led to a housing crisis, from which they have yet to recover. With the recent election of Shinzo […]

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DMZ Korean Peninsula

Water Under the Bridge on the Korean Peninsula

Earlier this year the Korean peninsula was anything but stable. The third North Korean nuclear test on February 12th sparked fresh rounds of bellicose rhetoric and actions on both sides of the border, with the North Korean military taking on a particularly reactive position. At the head of the ensuing drama were Kim Jong-un, the […]

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Chinese economic slowdown

Chinese Economic Slowdown Reverberates Globally

For three decades the world witnessed China’s super-charged economic growth rate triple its GDP. Numerous industries and states worldwide benefited as a result, particularly as the health of the world economy was threatened by financial crisis beginning in 2008. Countries in both the East and the West were boosted by China, as prices of raw […]

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