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Is South Sudan a game-changer in China’s foreign policy?

China’s active bid for South Sudan’s peace deal may mark a shift away from its traditional ‘non-interference’ foreign policy towards a more proactive role in global politics. Despite China’s unprecedented rise as an economic giant with global interests, its foreign policy has strictly upheld the principles of non-interference and peaceful coexistence for over 60 years. But […]

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Nigeria senate house Abuja

Nigeria tackles its pension problems

Nigeria’s recent pension reform seeks to make significant changes to the current system and signals Nigeria may be a good investment. On April 8, 2014 the Nigerian Senate passed the Pension Reform Act of 2014 which repeals the Reform Act of 2004. Following the vote, the upper house of the Nigerian legislature has asked President […]

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Indonesia energy

Part III of IV: Why Indonesia needs further energy subsidy reform

The Indonesian government has been hesitant to cut subsidies out of fear of public unrest and political backlash. As domestic energy demand continues its historic growth, however, the economic cost of subsidies may become too great to bear. The fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia has long been a haven for steady economic […]

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Chennai metro

Tamil Nadu awaits economic boost from investment

The southern state of Tamil Nadu, traditionally one of India’s strongest economic performers, had a trying year in 2013. New infrastructure projects and greater government transparency could generate significant economic growth across the state. A leading region for industry, manufacturing, health care and IT software development, the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu was only […]

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India wind power

5 energy problems confronting India

India is the world’s fourth largest energy consumer. Its energy needs continue to increase, but national energy shortages and an inadequate energy infrastructure could perpetuate national energy poverty. On March 12, 2014, India and the United States renewed talks regarding cooperation on clean energy. The talks concluded positively with memorandums of understanding for the two […]

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ICJ grants Peru more ocean, maintains Chilean fishing grounds in ruling

On January 27th 2014, the International Court of Justice compromised in determining the maritime boundary between Peru and Chile, granting rights to key fishing stocks. Ruling on a case filed by Peru in 2008, the International Court of Justice brought a longstanding dispute between Peru and Chile to a close and gave each country rights […]

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Liberia’s private sector shows promising signs

The Liberian economy shows great potential for growth in the private sector, but obstacles such as weak institutions and poor infrastructure stand in the way. Will the government take steps to solve these issues? Last week, Liberian Finance Minister Amara Konneh delivered a report on the state of the country’s economy. Konneh remarked that Liberia’s […]

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UK economy is finally recovering, says Bank of England

The Bank of England’s upbeat assessment of the state of economic recovery in the UK is the flavor of the month. GRI gives you the main points from the latest Inflation Report regarding factors driving the recovery and the risks that lie ahead. With the economy expanding by 0.8% in 2013 Q3 and business surveys […]

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Counting renminbi, photo courtesy of Business Insider

China to Audit Local Governments and Reduce Financial Risk

On July 28th, China’s National Audit Office (NAO) announced that it will conduct a nationwide audit of government debt as Beijing tries to ascertain the financial risks to China’s continued growth. Ordered by the State Council, the audit will be the first full review of governmental debt in more than two years after the NAO […]

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Chinese economic slowdown

Chinese Economic Slowdown Reverberates Globally

For three decades the world witnessed China’s super-charged economic growth rate triple its GDP. Numerous industries and states worldwide benefited as a result, particularly as the health of the world economy was threatened by financial crisis beginning in 2008. Countries in both the East and the West were boosted by China, as prices of raw […]

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