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4 challenges facing Egypt’s new president Sisi

Egypt’s newly elected President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, inherits a nation embattled by years of turmoil and instability. A bleak economic situation and continued crackdown on opposition and militant attacks are likely to define his time in office. Following Mubarak, Morsi, and military rule, the Republic of Egypt has once again redefined its political landscape with […]

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Mediterranean israel gas rig drilling

Israeli natural gas may reshape Mediterranean energy dynamics

Israeli natural gas exports have the potential to reshape energy dynamics across the Mediterranean, helping Israel and its neighbors to diversify their energy access. Regional political risks, however, loom large over export deals and further exploration. Five thousand feet beneath the surface of the East Mediterranean Sea lies the Leviathan gas field, the largest discovered […]

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suez canal egypt

Egypt’s economic lifeline runs through the Suez Canal

Given the political uncertainty and public unrest following the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi, the stability of the Suez Canal is vital to Egypt’s economy. However, short-term security mitigation overlooks long-term competition risks from the Panama Canal. Connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the Gulf of Suez, a northern branch of the Red Sea, the Suez […]

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Qatar model holds potential and risks for small-state development

Qatar is one of the world’s smallest states, but it also has one of the largest gas reserves. Small and wealthy, Qatar’s policies have echoed elsewhere. Is it a guide for other small states to follow? Qatar has the third largest gas reserves in the world valued by BP at 33.6 trillion cubic meters. In […]

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Ten countries most improved at “Doing Business”

The top ten list of most improved countries in the new Doing Business report from the World Bank includes some surprising members. The World Bank has just put out its 2014 edition of Doing Business, and has stirred up some controversy in its conclusions. The report, published annually, measures 189 economies based on 11 distinctive […]

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Sudan protests

A Sudanese Spring?

With its neighbors roiled in the messy aftermath of the Arab Spring, some have expressed hope that Sudan will be the next chip to fall to popular revolution. The most recent protests, which began only in late September, are the third in a wave since 2011 against the the 24-year regime of Sudanese President Omar […]

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Egyptians call for the ouster of President Morsi

Is Muslim Brotherhood Ban a Return to Oppression?

On the 23rd of September, after the socialist party Al Tagamo’a filed a case, a Cairo court ordered the Egyptian interim government to ban all Muslim Brotherhood (MB) activities and the organizations derived from it. As this is not the first ban of the Islamist organization in its 85-year history, the decision raised many questions on the impact, as well […]

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Op-Ed: The US Has No Coherent Strategy in Syria

When Congress returns from vacation on 9 September, it will begin to debate an appropriate response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria. President Obama warned last year that Syria should not cross the ‘red line’ of the use of chemical weapons, which are illegal under international law. Syria has at least twice ignored his advice, […]

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Riot police clash with protesters in Cairo

Origins of the Egyptian Crisis are Not Economic

Guest blogger David Bresnahan-McRae argues that restructuring policies favouring specific parts of Egyptian society are the real origins of inequality and the current crisis in Egypt. The recent crisis in Egypt has resulted in more than 600 casualties and nearly 4,000 injured due to clashes between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian security forces. A trend […]

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Egypt gas shortage

The Real Reason High Oil Prices Lead to Instability

Businesses rarely gain from political instability so trying to predict unrest is a critical activity for any entity investing in a volatile corner of the world. One of the factors most often cited as contributing to unrest is high oil prices. Drawing a link between rising oil prices and political instability is not particularly novel. […]

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