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2012 Car Bombing in Bogota; Source: David Maiolo via Wikipedia

Armed conflict, stalled bureaucracy limit Colombia’s economic growth

Global Risk Insights has reported that the largest problem for Venezuela’s PDVSA and Mexico’s Pemex is falling oil production. Now, another South American country, Colombia, has also reported a decrease in oil production for 2013 — due to terrorism, social unrest and government inefficiency.   This year’s spring has not been very pleasant for Colombian politics. The list […]

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Uamsho Zanzibar Tanzania

Zanzibar’s stability key to preserving Tanzanian Union

April 26th, 2014 marked 50 years of the Union between the Republic of Tanganyika and the People’s Republic of Zanzibar. With Zanzibar’s demands for independence growing stronger, there was real concern across the nation about the potential for unrest. However, no violence was recorded. A Record number of Tanzanians congregated in Dar Es Salaam’s Freedom […]

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Interview, part II of II: Kurdistan still faces investment roadblocks

This is the second of a two-part interview with Brady Jewett, Kurdistan Region Project Editor at Invest in Group, a publishing and research consultancy in partnership with the Kurdistan Regional Government to promote investment in the region. 7) The code governing FDI in Kurdistan is a bit unclear, as there seems to be regulations coming from […]

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Kurdistan investment

Interview, part I of II: Kurdistan presents investment opportunity

This is the first of a two-part interview with Brady Jewett, Kurdistan Region Project Editor at Invest in Group, a publishing and research consultancy in partnership with the Kurdistan Regional Government to promote investment in the Region. 1) Let’s start broadly: Why do you think investors should come to Iraqi Kurdistan? There are several reasons. To begin, […]

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BJP chargesheet

BJP raises doubts over future of big business in India

Ahead of elections in India, a recent position paper by the BJP has provoked worry and consternation by those seeking to do business in this major economy. With the political party likely to build off gains from state elections, the ‘statement of intent’ may indicate the future of business in the country. On April 7, India began its national […]

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Presidente_Ollanta_Humala_se_reúne_con_presidente_de_Repsol; Source: Presidencia Perú via Wikipedia

Peruvian government proposes deregulation for extractive industries

The Peruvian government recently proposed reforms to deregulate its extractive industries. The proposed deregulatory framework shows Peru’s desperation to sustain high levels of foreign investment. Since 2000, Peru’s economy has grown the most of any country in Latin America. It has liberalized trade and finance, attracting significant levels of foreign investment in the primary sector. But the commodity […]

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South Korea is set to perform well in 2014

Despite a looming threat from the north, South Korea is set to perform well in 2014. The government focuses on broadening away from exports and reducing dependency on the yen. Technically speaking, the Korean War never ended with a peace treaty between North and South Korea, so it could be considered the world’s longest ongoing […]

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Tough times ahead for Tajikistan

Tajikistan’s year ahead is fraught with political and economic risk, even as the nation hopes to join the Eurasian Union, which launches in 2015. Border disputes with the neighboring post-Soviet state of Kyrgyzstan have marked the beginning of 2014 for Tajikistan. They highlight the continuing political risks that the impoverished Central Asian nation faces as President Emomalii […]

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Increased guerrilla activity in Paraguay threatens FDI

The Paraguayan People’s Army, a burgeoning terrorist organization, is attacking Paraguayan agribusiness and the country’s rural police. In an economy that depends heavily on ranching and agriculture, this particular group could disrupt economic growth and investor confidence in 2014. In the post-crisis years since 2008 Paraguay has experienced highly volatile business cycles. Economic growth in […]

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Ethiopia agriculture (photo: AgriFin)

Ethiopian economy grows with Chinese investment

Ethiopia’s growth rates surprise, as political and economic cooperation with China proves to be beneficial for both nations. However, some have voiced concerns about persistently high levels of Chinese investment in Ethiopia. China’s foreign direct investment (FDI) in Ethiopia reached $58.5 million in 2010, from practically zero in 2004, according to a World Bank Survey […]

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