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3 reasons economists keep forecasting growth wrong

The Fed and IMF again downgraded US growth projections, as they have done repeatedly for the last five years. When the Federal Reserve and the IMF downgraded their forecasts for the US’ growth in 2014 last week, both bodies pointed to the terrible winter weather (that brought the term ‘Polar Vortex’ into the nation’s vocabulary) […]

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rajan India central bank

Modi and Rajan face uphill battle with India’s growth and inflation

Given the potential conflict between Narendra Modi’s focus on growth and the Reserve Bank of India President Raghuram Rajan’s goal to curb inflation, both will need to work together to ensure a stable India. In the run up to Narendra Modi’s smashing victory in the Indian elections, rumors spread that the governor of the Reserve […]

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China ghost cities

3 factors that will affect China’s GDP growth rate this year

Economists and China watchers alike have waited for news on whether China’s growth will remain high. Contrary to popular belief, a decline in growth would actually signify effective implementation of reforms and a healthier Chinese economy. China-watchers and economists alike continue to worry whether China’s economic growth is sustainable. However, if China is implementing its […]

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Marcelo Neri Brazil

Brazil embraces immigration reform

Brazil has announced plans for a streamlined work visa application for skilled foreign workers, which should help fill its current skilled labor shortage. 2013 brought plenty of difficulties for Brazil. Mass protests over the summer, spurred by increases in public transportation fares, resulted in many questioning the viability and endurance of the Brazilian economy and […]

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Increased guerrilla activity in Paraguay threatens FDI

The Paraguayan People’s Army, a burgeoning terrorist organization, is attacking Paraguayan agribusiness and the country’s rural police. In an economy that depends heavily on ranching and agriculture, this particular group could disrupt economic growth and investor confidence in 2014. In the post-crisis years since 2008 Paraguay has experienced highly volatile business cycles. Economic growth in […]

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Foreign ownership of banks increases in Vietnam

Vietnam increases foreign bank ownership

Vietnam looks to attract more foreign investment to sustain growth trajectories. The government hopes that changing regulations of foreign ownership of its banks will attract more capital. To boost growth of the Vietnamese banking system, the Vietnamese government will allow foreign investors to own a bigger share in its banks. However, many fear that this […]

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Colombian government begins negotiations with FARC

FARC negotiations give Colombia opportunity to fight corruption

Lower levels of corruption in Colombia may help attract foreign direct investment. The government has an opportunity to improve the investment environment during negotiations with FARC. As it becomes clear that the Colombian armed conflict is slowly dissipating, the ruling elite is in a political dilemma. The question they face is whether the state should […]

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Finland flags

Can Finland control its national debt?

Finland’s debt-to-GDP ratio has risen while growth has remained sluggish, leaving Finland’s government with some important choices ahead. So far, the government has taken concrete steps in the right direction, sparking hope among the population. Slowly but surely, more and more people are beginning to talk about the Eurozone in optimistic tones. ‘Problem countries’ such […]

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Mobile phones reaching remote areas

Mobile Penetration Linked to Political Stability

Investors should look at mobile penetration not only as an infrastructural asset but also as a predictor of political stability. The importance of the rapid growth of the mobile telecommunications sector in emerging markets is a widely appreciated phenomenon in foreign investment and development circles. Communication through mobile devices makes it easier to transfer knowledge […]

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Colombo Lake

Sri Lanka Rising from the Ashes

Still emerging from a brutal 26-year civil war that ended in May 2009, Sri Lanka’s economy has experienced unprecedented growth and stability. The protracted conflict subjected the population to extreme social and economic inequalities, as well as bouts of violence and human rights violations. This resulted in huge loss of life and an extremely underdeveloped […]

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