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4 challenges facing Egypt’s new president Sisi

Egypt’s newly elected President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, inherits a nation embattled by years of turmoil and instability. A bleak economic situation and continued crackdown on opposition and militant attacks are likely to define his time in office. Following Mubarak, Morsi, and military rule, the Republic of Egypt has once again redefined its political landscape with […]

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Mediterranean israel gas rig drilling

Israeli natural gas may reshape Mediterranean energy dynamics

Israeli natural gas exports have the potential to reshape energy dynamics across the Mediterranean, helping Israel and its neighbors to diversify their energy access. Regional political risks, however, loom large over export deals and further exploration. Five thousand feet beneath the surface of the East Mediterranean Sea lies the Leviathan gas field, the largest discovered […]

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Four Countries that beat the resource curse

Four countries that have successfully navigated the potential pitfalls of natural resource wealth provide examples of how best to avoid falling victim to the “paradox of plenty.” A quick look at emerging powers and the world as a whole reveals the importance and power that certain resources can bring.  Whether it’s Russia using its significant […]

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Israel soldiers

Gaza flare up jeopardises 2012 ceasefire

The 2012 ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian faction that controls the Gaza Strip, seems ready to fall apart. In retaliation for the assassination of three Islamic Jihad leaders on March 11, the Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of Islamic Jihad fired 130 rockets and shells at neighboring Israeli cities. Islamic Jihad’s Operation Breaking the Silence […]

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Lebanese cabinet

Lebanon’s new cabinet unlikely to save economy

The newly formed coalition is unlikely to solve the many challenges facing Lebanon. As the Syrian crisis continues to take its toll on the economy, Lebanon must shift its short-term focus to maintaining and developing its banking and energy industries. Lebanon’s interim Prime Minister announced the formation of a cabinet last week, ending a nearly […]

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Op-Ed: Iran is driving the bus, so why is the West celebrating?

This article by Daniel Wagner first appeared in the Huffington Post and is reposted with their permission. Daniel Wagner is CEO of Country Risk Solutions, a cross-border risk advisory firm, and author of the book “Managing Country Risk.” Supreme Iranian leader Khamenei spent much of last week lambasting the U.S. and Israel, as the Iranian negotiating team worked […]

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Palestinian private sector growth plan depends on politics

Private sector-led growth and decreased Israeli restrictions on trade are needed to boost the stagnant Palestinian economy. The Palestinian Economic Initiative represents a potential solution, but its success depends upon political considerations. Last month, the World Bank released a report on Area C of the West Bank in the Palestinian Territories, stating that the West […]

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Qatar model holds potential and risks for small-state development

Qatar is one of the world’s smallest states, but it also has one of the largest gas reserves. Small and wealthy, Qatar’s policies have echoed elsewhere. Is it a guide for other small states to follow? Qatar has the third largest gas reserves in the world valued by BP at 33.6 trillion cubic meters. In […]

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Four Years In: Reviewing Catherine Ashton’s Term

The European Union is ‘an Economic Giant, a Political Dwarf, and a Military Worm’. The first part is undeniably true, as the current EU-US negotiations remind us, but have the second two claims become less accurate? While there is definitely a long way to go, the European Union’s foreign and security policy representation led by Catherine Ashton […]

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Iran’s Shifting Stance on Syria, Israel, and Nuclear Power

In the past few days, the international community has seen a series of surprising gestures from Iran, indicating a possible shift in posture. The West has grown accustomed to former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s bombastic antagonism toward the West and Israel. But it seems that newly sworn-in President Hassan Rouhani may be taking a slightly different […]

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