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Political risk is alive and well in the global oil industry

Despite innovation in the US oil patch, the big stories in oil still lie outside the US—where hydraulic fracturing and innovation in drilling technology are unlikely to play a major role in its extraction. The oil business is likely to remain messy for the foreseeable future. For better or worse, oil will remain central to […]

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First Lady Michelle Obama holding a sign with the hashtag "#bringbackourgirls"; Source: Michelle Obama, Office of the First Lady via Wikipedia

Despite repercussions, Boko Haram threat will persist

Rooted in poor governance, rampant unemployment and transnational links, Boko Haram may pay for its latest senseless act of predation. But its prospects, unfortunately, are bright. Boko Haram is known for its large-scale bombings and violent attacks across northern Nigeria and beyond, which often leave hundreds dead in their wake. But even by the group’s own brutal standards, […]

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Is South Sudan a game-changer in China’s foreign policy?

China’s active bid for South Sudan’s peace deal may mark a shift away from its traditional ‘non-interference’ foreign policy towards a more proactive role in global politics. Despite China’s unprecedented rise as an economic giant with global interests, its foreign policy has strictly upheld the principles of non-interference and peaceful coexistence for over 60 years. But […]

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Source: Javier Blas (Wikimedia Commons)

Is there any hope left for Libya?

Since the fall of Qaddafi, Libya has continuously fallen victim to armed militias and political deadlock, weakening its economy and eroding public trust in the new government. Diversification is key as the nation’s main oil fields remain under blockade. With a switch to an Islamic financial system on the horizon, Libya is on track to […]

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High unemployment forces Tunisians into smuggling

With a new constitution hailed as the most liberal in the Arab world, Tunisia seems to be on a path to democracy. Staggering unemployment and economic woes, however, have led to the rise of a billion dollar smuggling network, providing stable income for millions. Tunisia’s National Constituent Assembly (NCA), the legislative body tasked with devising a […]

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Tensions rise as OPEC countries look to increase production

OPEC’s internal tensions rise as producers like Iran, Iraq and Libya, after years of production below capacity, look to increase output. Still, those increases will not come online for some time, and Saudi Arabia remains the de facto group leader, keeping oil prices stable. Oil markets have had a lot to wonder about lately. Following […]

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Qatar model holds potential and risks for small-state development

Qatar is one of the world’s smallest states, but it also has one of the largest gas reserves. Small and wealthy, Qatar’s policies have echoed elsewhere. Is it a guide for other small states to follow? Qatar has the third largest gas reserves in the world valued by BP at 33.6 trillion cubic meters. In […]

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Libyan PM Ali Zeidan

PM kidnapping shows Libya in chaos

Since the fall of the Gaddafi regime, the level of instability in Libya has become increasingly tenuous. Security Sector Reform (SSR) has been grossly neglected, resulting in a hotbed of militia activity, criminality and lawlessness. An influx of readily available weaponry has heightened the danger present in Libya at every level. In a pinnacle moment, […]

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Key takeaways from US Special Ops in Libya and Somalia

The Special Forces raids conducted by the U.S. military over two weeks ago in Libya and Somalia have generated a lot of buzz about the implications they will have for the future of U.S. counterterrorism strategy. The two operations were conducted, nearly simultaneously, in the morning hours of October 5 by Army Delta Force and […]

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Libya Has 99 Problems, and Oil is Still One

Nearly a month after oilfield strikes cut Libya’s production to just 10% of capacity, the Zintan tribal militia has re-opened a critical pipeline, carrying oil from two major western fields to Mediterranean ports outside of Tripoli. As a result, Libyan oil production has climbed to 263,000 barrels a day from just 100,000 earlier this week. […]

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