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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Ukraine crisis forces US to keep military in Europe

The United States must work with a politically divided Europe to face down Russia. The Ukrainian crisis will force the US to keep a strong presence despite the wish to scale down and focus on its shift towards Asia. The US Army’s current presence in Europe is approximately 30,000 troops, mainly the 2nd Cavalry in […]

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Botanica District in Chişinău, Moldova; Source: Kalatorul via Wikipedia

Transnistria is another fracture in Ukraine crisis

As the European Union and United States negotiate with Russia over the situation in Ukraine, another disputed territory is attracting international attention. With the tension escalating in eastern Ukraine and Moldova ready to join the EU, Transnistria may become a second front for Russia and Ukraine’s geopolitical crisis. Present Crisis The commander of NATO forces in […]

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Finland flags

Finland’s economy suffers from effects of the Ukraine crisis

The situation in Ukraine is creating a dangerous standoff between Russia and the West, and Finland’s economy and security are suffering as a result. With a 1,300-km long border separating them, it is no surprise that a major priority for Finland is to maintain a sustainable relationship with Russia. At the same time, it is […]

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Estonia border

Estonia-Russia border deal brings needed clarity

Estonia and Russia have signed an agreement clarifying their shared border. The two countries could see improved trade relations. On February 18th, Estonia and Russia signed a historic agreement outlining their shared border. Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow both signed the agreement. The agreement can be taken […]

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Understanding the situation in Ukraine through its political history and EU relations

A primer on how historical context informs the current situation in Ukraine Violence in Ukraine has greatly escalated in recent weeks. The death toll has climbed to 28, while over 200 people have been injured. In order to understand the chaos in Ukraine, it is important to understand the historical context. Differences between the EU and the […]

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Libya Has 99 Problems, and Oil is Still One

Nearly a month after oilfield strikes cut Libya’s production to just 10% of capacity, the Zintan tribal militia has re-opened a critical pipeline, carrying oil from two major western fields to Mediterranean ports outside of Tripoli. As a result, Libyan oil production has climbed to 263,000 barrels a day from just 100,000 earlier this week. […]

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Afghan presidential election

Complications Lie Ahead for Afghanistan’s Election Reform

With the Afghan presidential election scheduled for April 2014, just three months after U.S. troops begin withdrawing from the Afghan combat mission, reforms to the previously highly flawed Afghan electoral system have never seemed more important. Fortunately, last month, the Afghan National Assembly and President Karzai approved several reforms to the Afghan electoral process, which, […]

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Poppy Fields in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s Opium has Regional Repercussions

Attempts to rid the Afghan economy of its reliance on opium production and smuggling have largely failed due to corruption and the lack of equally profitable alternatives. However, the opium trade does not only lead to corrupt networks of growers, exporters and officials within Afghanistan. Rather, a system has evolved to traffic opium from Afghanistan, […]

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Manas Air Base

Air Base Closure Reshapes Kyrgyz-Russian Relations

Last week, Kyrgyzstan announced that it will not renew its agreement with the United States that allowed NATO to use the Manas Air Base as a transit center for military units traveling to and from Afghanistan. Although Kyrgyzstan has threatened to close Manas in the past, in this instance it appears that the decision is […]

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Russian Mi-17 helicopter, Afghanistan

Russia Prepares for NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan

While most NATO troops are expected to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014, Russia worries about the subsequent consequences for the stability of the region. According to NATO officials, approximately 100,000 troops are stationed in Afghanistan today, and only 8,000 to 12,000 are expected to stay after 2014. However, although the NATO mission is […]

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