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Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)

ISIL in Iraq Series: What is in it for Iran?

ISIL’s recent territorial gains pose a significant threat to the security and stability of Iraq and its neighbors. For Iran, however, ISIL threatens to topple its most significant regional trading partner and economic lifeline. This article is part of a GRI series on ISIL, Iraq, and the Middle East. The vast territorial gains made by ISIL in […]

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4 challenges facing Egypt’s new president Sisi

Egypt’s newly elected President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, inherits a nation embattled by years of turmoil and instability. A bleak economic situation and continued crackdown on opposition and militant attacks are likely to define his time in office. Following Mubarak, Morsi, and military rule, the Republic of Egypt has once again redefined its political landscape with […]

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Middle East ICT

E-commerce businesses look to Middle East

The Middle East is reaching the internet in greater numbers every day, and there are high hopes that the region can become the next great e-commerce hub. The market remains entrenched in social and structural norms, however, and has proven difficult to penetrate. The future of the internet in the Middle East is no longer […]

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Senegal sukuk bond signals wider African interest in Islamic finance

Senegal plans to issue an Islamic law compliant bond in 2014, building on momentum in sukuk issuance globally.  Senegal’s government looks set to issue a type of Islamic bond, known as sukuk as the country hopes to tap financing from wealthy Islamic states. According to reports from a recent meeting of the African Development Bank, […]

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Saudi foreign policy seems headed in the right direction

Despite a tumultuous year, the new changes in Saudi foreign policy are affecting the region for the better. For almost a year now, observers of Saudi Arabia have felt like they are watching a rollercoaster: continuous shuffling of high-level decision makers; a “love-and-hate” relationship with the US that resembles a passionate affair; unprecedented rows within […]

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mexico energy oil pump

Political risk is alive and well in the global oil industry

Despite innovation in the US oil patch, the big stories in oil still lie outside the US—where hydraulic fracturing and innovation in drilling technology are unlikely to play a major role in its extraction. The oil business is likely to remain messy for the foreseeable future. For better or worse, oil will remain central to […]

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Four Countries that beat the resource curse

Four countries that have successfully navigated the potential pitfalls of natural resource wealth provide examples of how best to avoid falling victim to the “paradox of plenty.” A quick look at emerging powers and the world as a whole reveals the importance and power that certain resources can bring.  Whether it’s Russia using its significant […]

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Source: Andrew Taylor via Flickr

Part I of IV: Why energy subsidies still exist despite inefficiencies

GRI Series on energy subsidies: Despite resolve to remove them, governments around the world continue to subsidize energy production and consumption. This series explores why. At the G20 Leader’s summit in 2009, member countries shifted their focus from containing the global financial crisis to rebuilding global growth. Among the measures taken, the G20 committed to phasing […]

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India energy oil

India balances energy relationship with the Middle East

As India’s demand for energy and investment continues to increase, the Republic must strike a careful balance in its relationships with its many Middle Eastern trading partners. With over 1.2 billion people and the largest rural-urban migration rate in the world, India has seen historic growth as both an economic powerhouse and an influential voice […]

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Singapore air show

With global defense spending on the rise, US contractors push abroad

Global defense spending is set to rise for the first time since 2009, as Middle Eastern and Asian-Pacific nations invest more heavily in their militaries. US contractors, squeezed by tight budgets at home, are looking to capitalize on the growing international market. As the United States continues to fight a seemingly never-ending partisan battle over […]

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