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China-Vietnam conflict points to geopolitical shift

With tensions increasing on both sides, maritime border disputes are directly affecting life and economic production in both China and Vietnam. However, the disagreements also point to China’s growing assertiveness and shifting geopolitical power. Territorial disputes between Vietnam, the Philippines, China, Brunei and Malaysia over resource rich islands and regions have escalated over the past […]

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Anti-China riots most damaging to Vietnam’s economy

Anti-Chinese sentiment is reaching fever pitch in Vietnam. At least twenty have been killed and hundreds injured as Beijing evacuated some 3,000 workers from the country. This marks a sharp escalation that will have profound impact on the Vietnamese economy. Since China’s deployment of a state-owned oil rig near the disputed Paracel Islands, a wave […]

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Asian Infrastructure development bank

Is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank more of the same?

The Asian infrastructure market and the new investment vehicle, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), present a potentially highly attractive opportunity for investors. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has estimated that Asia needs to invest $8 trillion in national – and $290 billion in regional – infrastructure before 2020 to sustain its growth trajectory. Ambitious […]

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Singapore air show

With global defense spending on the rise, US contractors push abroad

Global defense spending is set to rise for the first time since 2009, as Middle Eastern and Asian-Pacific nations invest more heavily in their militaries. US contractors, squeezed by tight budgets at home, are looking to capitalize on the growing international market. As the United States continues to fight a seemingly never-ending partisan battle over […]

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Myanmar President Thein Sein

Growth in Myanmar undermined by rising inflation

McKinsey estimates that Myanmar’s GDP could quadruple in size to over $200 billion in the next 20 years. But inflation may derail the prospect of growth and progress. Myanmar’s political and economic liberalization has normalized diplomatic relations for the previously isolated country and significantly improved its economic outlook. Real GDP growth reached 7.3% in the […]

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U.S. Fed holds the fuse to Singapore’s bubble time bomb

The United States’ monetary policy has far-reaching, sometimes unintended consequences, and these past few years have seen unprecedented liquidity injections from the Fed. One way the stimulus manifests itself is as bubbles in other economies, where the ultra-low rate set by the Fed is like pouring gasoline on an already raging fire. Singapore’s benchmark interest […]

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The US is Winning the Asian PTA Race

With political instability in the Middle East and North Africa, and uncertainties in South America, it seems that among developing regions, only Pacific Asia continues to boast strong growth and relative stability. The region should account for over 35 percent of world economic growth in the next seven years, with a growth rate never falling […]

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ASEAN Continues to Integrate – 3rd Parties Must Keep Up

When the French Foreign Minister delivered his address on 2 August 2013 to the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC) in Jakarta, he began his keynote speech by stating that his visit is the first among French ministers. The speech was set against the introduction of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) – liberalisation and harmonisation in several areas of the ASEAN […]

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KFC in Indonesia

In Spite of Challenges, Indonesia is Booming

“Indonesia is the least-unattractive country in the world” -M. Chatib Basri, chairman of the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board Things are going pretty well for Indonesia. Since surfacing virtually unscathed from the 2008 financial storm, the country has proceeded to join the G20 large economies (2009), won its first investment-grade credit ratings for over a decade […]

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Anti immigration in Singapore

Chinese Xenophobia in Singapore Rises, Part 2

As explained in the first post of this two-part series, people who live in different environments may still be able to identify and relate to each other as members of part of a culture. Even if the Chinese community in Singapore perceives itself first to be members of the Singaporean dominant culture, then a Chinese […]

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