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Disputes from Maracanã to Marikana put pressure on miners

From Brazil to South Africa and beyond, disputes threaten to disrupt the extractive industry. More than ever, mining firms need to address their social and environmental costs in a sustainable way to quell them. All eyes are on the pitches of Brazil where the world’s top footballers are currently battling against one another. But another fight […]

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South African consumers

South Africans living beyond their means should worry investors

As South Africans continue to over-spend a changing global economic environment is likely to worry investors about the narrowing market opportunities and consumer spending capacities. South Africa has, in the past years, been an attractive investment location in part due to its consumer spending capacities, monetary stability, and market growth. However, South Africa’s economic growth and market […]

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Kalk Bay station, Cape Town, South Africa; Source: CC-BY-SA-2.5 via Wikipedia

South Africa’s transportation infrastructure curbs economic potential

Development of infrastructure is one of the top political priorities in Africa, to enable economic growth and competitiveness. Without adequate infrastructure endowment, Africa risks sacrificing about 2% of GDP growth per annum. – World Economic Forum on Africa The most recent data from the World Economic Forum (WEF) reveals that South Africa, while still enjoying […]

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Abuja Nigeria

Nigeria becomes Africa’s largest economy after GDP revision

Nigeria has begun using a new base year for its GDP calculations and has added new sectors to the economy. The change in calculation has nearly doubled its GDP estimate for 2013. At the beginning of April, Nigeria overtook South Africa as the largest economy on the continent, nearly doubling its GDP through a statistical revision. […]

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Medupi Power Station, South Africa

Eskom energy crisis will influence South African elections

“Rolling blackouts” that hit South Africa on 6 March 2014 could influence the upcoming elections. The state-owned power utility company Eskom blames the weather and ageing infrastructure. Eskom has struggled to meet South Africa’s energy needs for years, as aging infrastructure and ever-increasing demand has strained the national power grid. In the latest rolling blackouts, production […]

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Cape Town South Africa Fracking Rally

4 policy areas South Africa must address

South Africa faces increased regional competition as a place for investment. Here are 4 areas that may help the country stay ahead. This April marks the three year anniversary of the inclusion of South Africa in the BRICS group since South African President Jacob Zuma spent considerable efforts to be included. That group of widely […]

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Invest in Africa

Under-the-radar growth increases in Southern Africa

Southern African countries will be rapidly growing emerging markets in the near future. The combination of growing political stability and an expanding middle class of consumers makes the region an increasingly attractive investment. The BRIC countries have dominated the discussion of emerging markets for the better part of a decade, but now that growth in […]

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Rafael Matsunaga via Wikipedia

US taper puts pressure on emerging markets

The Federal Reserve’s decision in January to continue reducing the pace of asset purchases has put emerging markets in a bind. At the end of January, the Federal Reserve decided to further reduce the pace of its monthly asset purchases by another $10 billion, down to $65 billion. This followed its December decision to initiate […]

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emerging markets

Why emerging markets are not collapsing

The recent rout of emerging markets prompt worries over a new emerging market crisis like those of the 1990s and early 2000s. While significant downside risks exist, differentiation is likely to take over as markets calm and investors pinpoint those countries with strong fundamentals and growth potential. Emerging markets have had a difficult few weeks. […]

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Suriname’s squabble with the Netherlands overshadows economic progress

The Surinamese government recently partnered with Spanish energy firm CEPSA and became a full voting member of the Caribbean Development Bank. However, the Dutch denouncement of the Surinamese executive branch shows that this country may suffer from a lack of presidential legitimacy, which could inhibit investment. Dutch legislators requested to arrest Surinamese President Desi Bouterse […]

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