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ISIL in Iraq Series: What the ISIL crisis means for India

India has strengthened its alliance with Iraq over the past year, primarily due to energy dependence. The ISIL crisis in Iraq could have repercussions for India’s energy policy as well as its foreign policy dealings with the Middle East. When the BJP took charge in New Delhi, a fragile Iraq was beginning to face a […]

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Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)

ISIL in Iraq Series: What is in it for Iran?

ISIL’s recent territorial gains pose a significant threat to the security and stability of Iraq and its neighbors. For Iran, however, ISIL threatens to topple its most significant regional trading partner and economic lifeline. This article is part of a GRI series on ISIL, Iraq, and the Middle East. The vast territorial gains made by ISIL in […]

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FSA rebels Syria

ISIL in Iraq Series: New enemies challenge ISIL’s continued advance

ISIL has conquered substantial territory in past weeks, but also gained new enemies. The increased focus on and military contra against ISIL means that the group cannot continue for long. This article is part of a GRI series on ISIL, Iraq, and the Middle East. In the coming months, the gains made by The Islamic State […]

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Saudi foreign policy seems headed in the right direction

Despite a tumultuous year, the new changes in Saudi foreign policy are affecting the region for the better. For almost a year now, observers of Saudi Arabia have felt like they are watching a rollercoaster: continuous shuffling of high-level decision makers; a “love-and-hate” relationship with the US that resembles a passionate affair; unprecedented rows within […]

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Syrian refugees pressure Lebanon’s fragile economy

Syrian refugees are spilling over into Lebanon, with over a million people having fled to the neighbouring country. A significant number anywhere, its impact is especially strong in tiny Lebanon, causing problems for the economy. Lebanon’s economy has been in a perpetual state of crisis since Syria’s civil war began. The IMF predicted the Lebanese economy […]

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Lebanese cabinet

Lebanon’s new cabinet unlikely to save economy

The newly formed coalition is unlikely to solve the many challenges facing Lebanon. As the Syrian crisis continues to take its toll on the economy, Lebanon must shift its short-term focus to maintaining and developing its banking and energy industries. Lebanon’s interim Prime Minister announced the formation of a cabinet last week, ending a nearly […]

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The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS)

Iraqi development suffers as Al-Qaeda affiliates take control

In December 2013 insurgents linked to Al-Qaeda captured key strategic cities in Iraq’s largest province, Anbar. Iraqi development is certain to suffer from it. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a Sunni jihadist group, has intensified its onslaught in Iraq since it was created in April 2013. Within this short period it has become […]

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Jordan’s economy weathers the storm of Syrian refugees

Handling the influx of Syrian refugees into Jordan requires a significant commitment of resources. Will the demands of this situation ultimately prove detrimental? Or will they in fact stimulate the Jordanian economy? The Za’atari refugee camp on the northern border of Jordan encapsulates the problems and opportunities the Jordanian economy is facing. Formerly a small […]

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Qatar model holds potential and risks for small-state development

Qatar is one of the world’s smallest states, but it also has one of the largest gas reserves. Small and wealthy, Qatar’s policies have echoed elsewhere. Is it a guide for other small states to follow? Qatar has the third largest gas reserves in the world valued by BP at 33.6 trillion cubic meters. In […]

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Kurdish pipeline

Why Kurdish Peace Process Matters for Turkey’s Energy Security

Recent political developments in Iraq and Syria raise the stakes of Turkey’s domestic Kurdish peace process. Soon, Turkey will come to discover that its neighbors to the south and the southeast are under Kurdish authority more so than Iraqi or Syrian. The fate of the Kurdish peace process will influence how Ankara interacts with the […]

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