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Iran-South America trade suffers as relations thaw with the West

Iran’s relations with South America under former president Ahmadinejad now face a decline in economic cooperation, as Iran mends its ties with the United States. Will improved relations between Iran and the West have economic consequences for South America?  As attention turns to Iran’s tentative cooperation with its geopolitical rival, the United States, in efforts to combat […]

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Resurgence of MFN clauses in contracts and treaties

Most favored nation clauses have been around for centuries. Perhaps because of their increasing popularity, however, governments and the public are starting to question how well they work.  What do U.S. District Judge Denise Cote, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, the Automotive Service Association (ASA), the head of a prominent Ghanaian business lobby, South Africa’s Department […]

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Haiti migrant workers

Haiti and Dominican Republic struggle to cooperate

Haiti and the Dominican Republic have been working to repair bilateral relations in the wake of the Dominican Republic’s new citizenship law. As Haiti deals with its own political paralysis, a return to normal relations would improve stability and development on the island. A deal was reached in January 2014 to ease tensions over the Dominican Republic (DR) […]

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At 50 years UNCTAD struggles to stay relevant

UNCTAD has been essential to setting the economic agenda of developing countries for much of the past half century. Yet, in the face of globalization and difficulties in consensus-building, it fights to stay relevant. To most people, UNCTAD is merely another acronym, part of the bureaucratic alphabet soup of UN organizations – some notable, others redundant. […]

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Presidente_Ollanta_Humala_se_reúne_con_presidente_de_Repsol; Source: Presidencia Perú via Wikipedia

Peruvian government proposes deregulation for extractive industries

The Peruvian government recently proposed reforms to deregulate its extractive industries. The proposed deregulatory framework shows Peru’s desperation to sustain high levels of foreign investment. Since 2000, Peru’s economy has grown the most of any country in Latin America. It has liberalized trade and finance, attracting significant levels of foreign investment in the primary sector. But the commodity […]

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China Pakistan border guards

Prospects improve for China-Pakistan economic corridor

Pakistan and China recently signed agreements to build a new airport and upgrade the Karakorum Highway in Balochistan, demonstrating further commitment to a China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Recently signed agreements between the Pakistan and Chinese governments will benefit an already well-established relationship that saw bilateral trade over $12 billion in 2012. These agreements come in […]

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Estonia border

Estonia-Russia border deal brings needed clarity

Estonia and Russia have signed an agreement clarifying their shared border. The two countries could see improved trade relations. On February 18th, Estonia and Russia signed a historic agreement outlining their shared border. Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow both signed the agreement. The agreement can be taken […]

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Jiang Zemin

Spanish court ruling could hurt trade between Spain and China

Spain’s High Court has issued arrest orders to detain former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, former premier Li Peng, and three others over charges brought by Tibetan human rights groups in Spain. The ruling may damage trade ties between the two countries. On February 10, 2014, Judge Ismael Moreno ruled that former Chinese President Jiang Zemin was […]

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EU’s trust issues may delay TTIP negotiations

Trade liberalization negotiations are on their way between the US and the EU, and may lead to the biggest bilateral trade agreement in history. However, the EU is putting the brakes on certain sensitive issues. Despite the WTO’s modest breakthrough in December, the general view is that multilateral trade negotiations are sluggish, and countries have […]

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EU immigration

Readmission agreement renews hope between EU and Turkey

The signing of the readmission agreement and the initiation of the visa liberalization dialogue between Turkey and the EU may open the road to further economic integration. On 16 December 2013, Turkey and the European Union initiated the visa liberalization dialogue to work towards the elimination of visa requirements for Turkish citizens traveling to the […]

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