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ISIS militants; Source: AFP via http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-06-12/isis-militants-wave-a-flag-in-iraq/5519634

ISIL in Iraq Series: Iraq-Turkey economic ties survive ISIL

ISIL is proving to be not just a political threat to Iraq, but an economic one too. Nevertheless, Iraq-Turkey trade and investment prospects will not suffer as ruinous a decline as some fear. This article is part of a GRI series on ISIL, Iraq, and the Middle East. As the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) […]

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Saudi foreign policy seems headed in the right direction

Despite a tumultuous year, the new changes in Saudi foreign policy are affecting the region for the better. For almost a year now, observers of Saudi Arabia have felt like they are watching a rollercoaster: continuous shuffling of high-level decision makers; a “love-and-hate” relationship with the US that resembles a passionate affair; unprecedented rows within […]

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Erdogan undermines Turkish Central Bank’s autonomy

On 30 April, the Governor of Turkey’s Central Bank, Erdem Basci, announced an interest rate cut in the near future, but specified neither number nor schedule. The announcement came a week after reaffirming the Bank’s stance that tight monetary policy would remain in effect going forward in order to maintain a stable currency and reduce inflationary risks. Turkey’s inflationary outlook has […]

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Taksim protests 2013; Source: Alan Hilditch via Wikipedia

Corruption still a major hurdle for Turkey

Recent manifestations of entrenched corruption in Turkey threaten to unsettle investor confidence. The outcome of the Turkish local elections on March 30 left many political observers somewhat uneasy about the prospects for democracy in the foreseeable future. The AKP, riddled by last summer’s massive protests and a corruption probe that would have left the ruling party […]

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Mediterranean israel gas rig drilling

Israeli natural gas may reshape Mediterranean energy dynamics

Israeli natural gas exports have the potential to reshape energy dynamics across the Mediterranean, helping Israel and its neighbors to diversify their energy access. Regional political risks, however, loom large over export deals and further exploration. Five thousand feet beneath the surface of the East Mediterranean Sea lies the Leviathan gas field, the largest discovered […]

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Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan election

Erdogan and AKP preserve power in local elections

Turkey’s recent mayoral polls were an unofficial referendum on Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).The vote results proved that Erdogan has survived the onslaught of challenges to his premiership over the past year and Turkey is politically stable for the time being. The vote that took place on […]

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Source: alresalah.ps

Despite AKP win, twitter ban risks polarization in Turkey

The ruling Justice and Development Party’s strong win in local elections secured Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s power and political clout. However, with his recent Twitter ban, the premier risks fueling greater polarization, which could have negative long-term economic repercussions. Riled in recent months by allegations of political and financial corruption against the premier and […]

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Kurdish pipeline

Pipeline to Turkey intensifies dispute over Iraqi oil

Tension between the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and the Iraqi central government once again escalated as a new pipeline links oil fields in Northern Iraq directly to Turkey. Turkey has bought oil from the Kurdish region in northern Iraq before, but oil transfer was carried out by trucks, which kept the amount of exports at […]

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Turkey attempts to curtail judicial independence

Judicial reforms proposed in Turkey, though shelved for the moment, call into question Erdogan’s ability to emerge from the current political crisis with an intact democracy and rule of law. On 17 December 2013, Turkey woke up to a political mayhem triggered by a corruption probe involving high level officials, sons of three ministers, and […]

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Rafael Matsunaga via Wikipedia

US taper puts pressure on emerging markets

The Federal Reserve’s decision in January to continue reducing the pace of asset purchases has put emerging markets in a bind. At the end of January, the Federal Reserve decided to further reduce the pace of its monthly asset purchases by another $10 billion, down to $65 billion. This followed its December decision to initiate […]

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